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05 June 2022|Sierra Leone










Described as ‘the world’s most worthwhile marathon’ the Sierra Leone Marathon will take place for its 10th anniversary on Sunday, the 5th of June 2022 combining some of the most stunning scenery in West Africa with the kind of atmosphere that only the truly remarkable country of Sierra Leone can offer. Voted 'Best International Event' at the 2017 Running Awards, this African adventure is one you'll never forget.

The Sierra Leone Marathon was founded and is organised by Africa Marathons' charity partner Street Child, and this is what makes the event so special. Runners have the chance to see the amazing work they do pre-race day and the fact that all runners are running in support of one charity makes the event very rare in the marathon world.

The Sierra Leone Marathon takes place in the town of Makeni, the third largest city in Sierra Leone, where Street Child began its work back in 2008. The event offers a full marathon (42.2km), a half marathon (21.1km), 10k and a 5k and is run on both urban and rural roads. The majority of these are hard-packed mud roads, but also some tarmac. The route takes in some of the most beautiful scenes of Northern Sierra Leone passing through villages and through remote forests, all with the constant and passionate support from everyone you pass.

To join Team Africa Marathons please email [email protected] or ring on +44 1932 361807 (UK), +1 844 390 1798 (USA) or +44 (0)7791360170 (Rob).

Pre- or Post Marathon Bucket List Items

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Since we had our coach, Nick talk about how important it is to have your shoes tried and tested before a race. You might be thinking if the shoes you have are correct. 🤔

Our Physio, Gemma Oates, has the perfect blog to help you find out - How To Choose The Correct Running Shoes. 👟👟

She shares 5 helpful tips on how to find out:
1.  Know what you want from your running shoes
2.  Get to know your foot type
3.  Get to know the variety of running shoes
4.  Get your running shoes correctly fitted
5.  Consider having a variety of running shoes

Read the full blog here: https://therunnerphysio.com/f/how-to-choose-the-correct-running-shoes

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3 crucial things you need to be on top of one month out from your marathon. 🙌

1. Training: 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
For a race like Comrades Marathon, it’s really important to ensure you line up as fresh as possible. Cutting down from 3 weeks out, followed by a 2-week taper is highly recommend. Remember, no more fitness can be gained in the 2 – 3 weeks prior to race day, you could only jeopardise your race if you push too hard during this phase.
2. Nutrition: 🍎
It’s crucial to test out and replicate your exact race day nutrition in the build up to Comrades. I recommend testing it on your longest run. If it works, don’t change it!
3. Kit and Gear: 👟
You must test your exact race day kit prior to Comrades. Remember don’t be shy to use Vaseline.
Know your race day shoes. It’s never a good idea to wear new shoes on race day. If you know what shoes you’re running in, I often tend to do a few runs in them to wear them in. Once they feel ready, I put them aside and save them for race day. This could be anything from running 50kms – 200kms in them.
- Nick Bester @justalilbester

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It's official, 1 month to go! 🤩 How excited are you? 🎉

Are you ready to run your heart out in one of the most beautiful cities on earth? We simply cannot wait!  Comrades here we come!😃

Visit our website to find out more about the spectacular race - https://www.africamarathons.com/run/comrades-marathon/

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