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1 - 6 May 2024|Sierra Leone










Described as ‘the world’s most worthwhile marathon’ the Sierra Leone Marathon 2024 will take place for its 12th anniversary on Sunday, 5 May 2024 combining some of the most stunning scenery in West Africa with the kind of atmosphere that only the truly remarkable country of Sierra Leone can offer. Voted 'Best International Event' at the 2017 Running Awards, this African adventure is one you'll never forget.

The Sierra Leone Marathon was founded and is organised by Africa Marathons' charity partner Street Child, and this is what makes the event so special. Runners have the chance to see the amazing work they do pre-race day (1 to 4 May 2024) and the fact that all runners are running in support of one charity makes the event very rare in the marathon world.

The Sierra Leone Marathon takes place in the town of Makeni, the third largest city in Sierra Leone, where Street Child began its work back in 2008. The event offers a full marathon (42.2km), a half marathon (21.1km), 10km and a 5km and is run on both urban and rural roads. The majority of these are hard-packed mud roads, but also some tarmac. The route takes in some of the most beautiful scenes of Northern Sierra Leone passing through villages and through remote forests, all with the constant and passionate support from everyone you pass. Don't miss out on the beach party which takes place on Monday 6 May 2024.

To join Team Africa Marathons please email [email protected] or ring +44 1932 361807 (UK), +1 844 390 1798 (USA) or +44 (0)7791360170 (Rob).

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