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14 Jun 2020|South Africa










Please note: Comrades Marathon 2020 has been cancelled and we eagerly await the new dates for 2021, which we will publish as soon as we have them.

The legendary Comrades Marathon is the world's oldest and largest Ultramarathon. The 95th running of the Comrades Marathon will be a very special down run and entries to the Ultimate Human Race officially open on Monday 28 October 2019.

The Comrades was run for the first time on the 24th May 1921 and has been run every year since, with the exception of during World War II. The race was the brainchild of WWI veteran Vic Clapham, to commemorate South African soldiers killed during the war. Clapham himself had endured a 2,700km trek through East Africa during the war and wanted the memorial to be a supreme test of physical endurance.

Ultramarathons are any distance over the standard 42.2km marathon and this is one of the very best in the world. The Comrades is run between the cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal and alternates each year between an ‘up’ run starting from Durban, and the ‘down’ run starting from Pietermaritzburg, taking on the challenging ‘Big Five’ set of hills.

The race distance slightly varies each year but is approximately 90kms, with the 2020 down-run being 90,2kms. There are 27,500 entry places (2,500 international entries) and runners must complete the course in under 12 hours, also reaching a number of cut-off points at allocated times to continue in the race. Runners must have completed an official ‘qualifying’ marathon in under 4 hours and 50 minutes to enter this prestigious event.

The Comrades is a very special event and one that should be on all runners' bucket list – the strong values of camaraderie, courage and commitment, dedication, passion and perseverance are key to making this event so unique.

Africa Marathons is an Official Tour Operator to the Comrades Marathon and offer a fantastic package to take part in the ultimate human race. We also have a limited number of guaranteed entries for Comrades Marathon 2020, so best get in touch with us to secure your spot.

Please click here or below for the full travel itinerary.

To join the Africa Marathons Team please email - [email protected] or ring +44 1932 361807 (UK) +1 844 390 1798 (USA) +44 (0)7791360170 (Rob).

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Why not get a friend to enter one of the following distances with you and be part of Team Africa Marathons 
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If you've entered please do DM us or email us (info@africamarathons.com) and we will feature you in the lead-up to the race!

On Race Day post an image of yourself and tag us @africamarathons and your 'social distanced' running partner and include the hashtags - #RaceTheComradesLegends #ComradesGB

Watch this space 👀 for the winner announcement !

Let's do this GB 💪🏻
Increase your 10k with SPEED 🏃🏼and STRENGTH Increase your 10k with SPEED 🏃🏼and STRENGTH 💪🏻 by …
1️⃣ Run shorter distances to get your legs running fast🦵🏻. Split your race into 2 mile segments, with the first two relaxed and steady.  Pick up slightly for the third and fourth mile and then either maintain or finish faster till the end of race. 
2️⃣ Run your local 5k event and then once you’re finished run another 5km.
3️⃣ Run quicker than your 10k pace.  Try 4-6 X 1 mile fast intervals with two minutes recovery between the mile reps. 
4️⃣ Run a 10k at a pace you want to race. .
5️⃣ Train on an athletics track to work on your speed.  Use your 5k time and work out how fast that is per 1 loop (400m). Run 10 X 400m with one-minute recovery after 5k. .
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We're very sad to announce that the 2020 @Comrades We're very sad to announce that the 2020 @ComradesMarathon has been cancelled 😞 following long discussions with the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) Board, KwaZulu-Natal Athletics (KZNA) and @athletics_south_africa (ASA)
With regard to Foreign Entrants 🇬🇧, in lieu of the cancellation, all Foreign Entries will be deferred to #Comrades2021 and/or #Comrades2022, depending upon the athletes’ wishes👍🏻. In addition, foreign athletes will also have the option of availing their 2020 entry for substitution in 2021 only. .
We will be contacting our @africamarathons @comradesmarathon  2020 Team shortly with more information 👍🏻
Please see the full cancellation announcement from @athletics_south_africa ➡️ https://www.africamarathons.com/stories/ .
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Athletics South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal Athletics and Comrades Marathon Association announce cancellation of the 2020 Comrades Marathon.

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