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25 February 2024|Tanzania










Africa Marathons is an Official Travel Partner of the World Athletics Accredited Kilimanjaro Marathon

The 22nd edition of the Kilimanjaro Marathon will take place on Sunday, February 25, 2024.

Taking place under the watchful eye of the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world The Kilimanjaro Marathon (42.2km), Half Marathon (21.1km) and Fun Run (5km). The Kilimanjaro Marathon is an accredited World Athletics (previously IAAF) race and has official time-keeping, marshalling and refreshment points at regular intervals. It also can be used as a qualifier for the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, another of our list of must-do Africa running events.

The race has a quite manageable altitude with the entire race being completed between 830m and 1150m above sea level on good tarred roads. The route passes through many villages, farms, banana and coffee plantations, patches of forest and sections of Moshi town, all surrounded by a great atmosphere provided by the excitement of residents who give ample vocal support throughout! Towards the finishing line, the atmosphere in the stadium is electric with local bands playing, entertainment and big crowds, along with plenty of food and drink – including the famous Kilimanjaro beer of course!

Our 2024 Kilimanjaro Marathon travel itinerary is not yet available, but please contact us or email us.

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