Project Marathon Girl

aka Jordan Foster

Jordan Foster, is a 27 year old runner from Cambridgeshire in the UK, who is just working hard everyday to achieve her goals.

Jordan says, "I still find it weird to call myself a ‘marathon runner’, but hey – I run marathons so I guess that’s what I am now! And I am not ashamed to admit that running defines me, and makes me the person that I am."

Running is what motivates her every single day. It keeps her sane, it keeps her healthy & it has given her so much more than a few medals. She always mentoins that she honestly could not imagine her life without it, and she hopes she never has to experience a life without it.

Jordan inspires other runners by sharing her knowledge and ifectious personality with other runners through her online coaching. Catch her blog for more info.

Jordan inspires us as a running organisation and its for this reason that a partnership was born. With Jordan's help we would like to encourage runners from across the globe to join us on the quest of running 6 marathons across Africa.

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