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30 May 2020|Uganda










The Uganda Marathon is entering its 4th year and is growing steadily, having already become the largest fundraising event in the country. The brainchild of a group of former London City professionals, it is not only a great sporting event but actively supports and engages the local community. It combines 7 days of adventure, volunteering, African music, street parties and a children’s sports day, culminating with the option of running the full marathon (42.2kms), a half marathon (21.1kms) or a 10k run.

The event takes place in and around the town of Masaka, which is 23km south of the equator at an altitude of about 1,150m. This is about a 3 hour drive southwest of the capital of Kampala. It is run mainly off-road on hard baked, red African dirt roads, with a little bit of trail and some tarmac at the start and finish, and several hilly sections, all surrounded by spectacular scenery. Taking place in June means the rainy season has just finished and temperatures are generally around 20-25 degrees.

To join Team Africa Marathons please email [email protected] or ring on +44 1932 361807 (UK) +1 844 390 1798 (USA) +44 (0)7791360170 (Rob).

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