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Welcome to the Uganda Marathon

SUNDAY 2nd JUNE 2018

The Uganda Marathon was the brainchild of a group of people who had worked previously in London City jobs. They escaped the city and organised an event in Uganda, a country they love and have strong ties to, that is not only a great sporting event, but one that actively supports and engages the local community.

Billed as ‘A Marathon like no other’ the Uganda Marathon combines adventure, volunteering, African music, street parties and a children’s sports day over 7 days, all culminating with the option of running the full marathon (42.2kms), a half marathon (21.1kms) or a 10k run along with several thousand local runners and around 100 international runners.

The marathon event is going from strength to strength, now being the largest fundraising event in Uganda, and helping various projects in the local area. The race takes place in and around the town of Masaka, which is 23km south of the equator at an altitude of about 1,150m. This is about a 3 hour drive southwest of the capital of Kampala, and has a population of around 74,000 residents, a lot of whom will be out cheering on race day!

The race itself is run on mainly off-road on hard baked, red African dirt roads, with a little bit of trail and some tarmac at the start and finish, with several hilly sections, all surrounded by spectacular scenery. Taking place in June means the rainy season has just finished and temperatures are generally around 20-25 degrees Celsius.

The Uganda Marathon really is superb and not only gives runners the chance to compete in a unique event and support local causes, but also to visit one of the most diverse countries in Africa in terms of wildlife and scenery. We can help organise trips pre or post the Uganda Marathon with our local representatives. We would recommend exploring the country post marathon with us so you can take advantage of being involved in the full Uganda Marathon 7-day experience pre-race.

Uganda is a land gifted by nature. Winston Churchill once called it ‘the Pearl of Africa’ in recognition of its vast array of riches. It is a country of huge diversity, it is home to the endangered Mountain Gorilla and is a primate paradise. There are 10 National Parks and wildlife areas which play host to Africa’s ‘Big 7’: Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo, plus Gorilla and Chimpanzee.

The Equatorial climate provides permanent year-round temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius yet the Rwenzori mountain range, Africa’s highest, is snow capped. Uganda is also the source of the world’s second longest river, The Nile, which starts its journey at Africa’s largest lake, Victoria, dotted with tropical islands and their sandy white beaches. We would encourage you to ring us to discuss the best way of using your time post marathon to explore this wonderful country and combine with ‘a marathon like no other’.

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